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Energy Use Baseline for the Building Sector

The energy use baseline for the building sector is categorized according to building function. The primary building categories in the five Pacific Developing Member Countries (PDMCs) - the Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu - include: 

  • Public Sector (Government) Buildings,
  • Private Sector Buildings,
  • Hotels and Resorts,
  • Hospitals and
  • Retailers.

The data required to determine the building energy use baseline consists of:

  • Building Stock Data
  • Energy Use Index (EUI – also known as Specific Energy Consumption).

The table below summarizes typical formats of building stock data and EUIs according to building type.

Table : Typical Building Stock Data and Energy Use Indicators

Building Type

Building Stock Data

Typical Energy Use Index (EUI)

 Office Buildings

Total Area in square meters (m2)


 Hotels & Resorts

Type of accommodation, number of rooms and
number of occupied rooms/year

MJ/m2/year, MJ/room/year /1


number of beds and number of occupied beds/year


 Commercial Buildings & Retailers

Total Area in square meters (m2)


Source: 1. MJ is used to reflect consumptions of non-electrical energy, such as gas and diesel.

The PEEP2 project team is currently conducting surveys to collect further data necessary for compilation of building stock data and determination of EUIs. The survey findings will be analyzed and used to establish EUIs for different types of buildings in each PDMC.


Building Energy Use Index in the PDMCs

The Building EUI serves as an indicator for building and energy managers and enables the comparison between buildings irrespective of size or
number of rooms. This indicator can also be used, over a time period, to help monitor and evaluate the impact of energy measures in the building.

For the PEEP2 Project, the building EUIs were determined to allow for comparison across the five PDMCs and building types. The links below provide interactive graphics of Building EUIs in each of the five PDMCs, allowing for comparison between countries and/or building type. By clicking on the data points, the graphic will show the values and the name of the building. By clicking on the legend at the bottom of graphic, you can select which data sets to visualize (i.e. which building sectors or countries). In addition, you can export the graphic in vector or raster format for use in presentations and reports. Please note that we will regularly add new data.

  Click the link below to view building energy use index compared various type of buildings in each PDMC.

Untitled Document Samoa Samoa1 Cook Islands Cook Islands1 Tonga Tonga1 Vanuatu Vanuatu1 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea1 Map Map1

  Click the link below to view building energy use index in each building type compared across countries in the Pacific.


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