In determining the energy use baselines for the building sector, the PEEP2 project proposes to categorize buildings by their functions. The primary building categories in the five Pacific developing member countries (PDMCs) – the Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea (PNG) , Samoa , Tonga , and Vanuatu – would include : Public Sector (Government) Buildings, Private Sector Buildings, Hotels and Resorts, Hospitals and Retailers.
The required data to determine the building energy use baselines include building stock data and Energy Use Index (EUI) or Specific Energy Consumption (SEC). Summarized in the table below are typical formats of building stock data and energy use indicators.

Table : Typical Building Stock Data and Energy Performance Indicators

Building TypeBuilding Stock DataTypical Energy Use Index (EUI)
Office BuildingsTotal Area in square meters (m2)kWh/m2/year
Hotels & ResortsType of accommodation, number of rooms and number of occupied rooms/yearMJ/m2/year, MJ/room/year /1
Hospitalsnumber of beds and number of occupied beds/yearMJ/bed/year
Commercial Buildings & RetailersTotal Area in square meters (m2)kWh/m2/year
Source: 1. MJ is used to reflect consumptions of non-electrical energy, such as gas and diesel.

The PEEP2 project is conducting surveys to collect data the necessary for compilation of building stock data and determination of EUIs. The survey findings will be analyzed to establish EUI for different types of buildings in each PDMC.